Laura’s Birthday Gift


My best friend, Laura, has an early January birthday, and if I don’t shop for that along with Christmas, I’m always late.  I had something sent to her in late December, but it was only a partial gift, and I wanted to make something to go along with it.


Since I had such a crazy sewing experience for the holidays, I didn’t get around to this until after her birthday.  I didn’t have anything in particular to make, so I made some scrappy dish towels in her kitchen colors, and this cute zip pouch.


I knew she really liked this red fabric, and the size of the illustration was just perfect for Noodlehead’s large open-wide pouch.  This was my first time using that pattern, and I loved it.  I’ll definitely be making more.  I do love that it opens totally up, as the name suggests.  It’s so much easier than digging around for lost items inside normal pouches.


I added some yellow hand stitching to match the zipper.  I love how the outside turned out.  If I had planned the yellow parts before I had cut my lining, I probably would have chosen something yellow, but I was doing some late night sewing after my kids were in bed, and my brain doesn’t always function at optimum level at that point!

Secret Sister Quilt


Every year some of the ladies at my church draw names for a “secret sister.”  We’re supposed to do something or give something, send a card, etc. to our sister at least once a month.  I absolutely love it!  I’m a big gift-giver, and I have so much fun picking up or making little things […]

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Christmas Pillows for Teacher Gifts


Over the summer this year, I made nine Christmas tree pillows.  You can find the pattern/tutorial at From the Blue Chair.  I always give teacher gifts to my son’s Sunday school teachers at church, and I knew he would have a teacher or two at his preschool who I would give a gift to as […]

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Pattern Testing—Two in One Pouch


Recently I was a pattern tester for Svetlana’s (at SOTAK handmade) new Two in One Pouch.  To be honest, I volunteered mostly because I got a free pattern (yea!).  However, I’ve been wanting to start writing patterns myself sometime, and I thought this would be good experience.  Here’s the finished product:   When I first […]

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Joy’s Baby Girl Quilt


This is the baby quilt I made for my friend, Joy.  She should be having a little girl at the end of December (or at least they’re hoping for that for tax purposes!).  She and her husband have tried for a long time to get pregnant, so this is a long-awaited baby. I almost always […]

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An Old Project


        I was just going through an old SD card and found some photos that I never posted.  Last year some of the ladies at our church drew names for “secret sisters.”  All through the year we give them little gifts or cards, etc., and then in December, we had a reveal party where we […]

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A shout-out to’s customer service


Can I just say, WOW?! I placed a fairly large order with on Sunday.  A few of the items were time sensitive since I need some special fabrics for a baby quilt (and the baby shower is in a week—I plan ahead like that).  Anyway, their shipping is usually quite fast, and I even […]

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Cheyenne’s Quilt


Just a few months ago, I posted about a pillow I made for a friend who had lost a baby around 16 weeks.  Another friend was pregnant and due around the same time as the first friend (we all go to church together and know each other well).  As her due date approached, everything was […]

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LOTS of changing pads


When I had my second baby, I made myself a changing pad.  It took a lot of time because I made up the pattern as I went along.  My sister-in-law, Beth, saw it and wanted one for her pregnant sister-in-law, so I made a second.  More recently, Beth became pregnant, and the above changing pad […]

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A Pillow for Amy


My friend recently had a second trimester miscarriage.  The baby had a genetic disorder, and my poor friend and her husband knew for a while before they lost the baby that the pregnancy most likely would end in the first or second trimester.  I can’t imagine how painful it is for them, but they’ve handled […]

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