A shout-out to Fabric.com’s customer service

Can I just say, WOW?!

I placed a fairly large order with fabric.com on Sunday.  A few of the items were time sensitive since I need some special fabrics for a baby quilt (and the baby shower is in a week—I plan ahead like that). 

Anyway, their shipping is usually quite fast, and I even checked the order fulfillment time before I placed the order.  I waited all week watching my email for a shipping notice (I get excited for new fabric).  It never came.  Finally I called customer service on Thursday afternoon to find out when it would be shipped.  I thought I might have to come up with a backup plan for my project.

The CS representative said she had no idea why my order hadn’t shipped and told me they would overnight it to me and that she’d send it over to their warehouse right away.  At best I’d get it Friday, but if they couldn’t get it shipped in time (I called later in the day), then I’d get it Monday.  I got my order this morning (Friday).

Honestly, I’m just so impressed.  I didn’t ask for expedited shipping, and I wasn’t even all that upset about the situation.  I never would have expected them to do that.  They get most of my online business anyway, but I’m more inclined to shop there now than I ever was.  My husband was so impressed that he actually told me I should shop there more often—Uh, okay!!

To top it off, one of my half yard cuts had this on it:


My half yard was almost a full yard.  Nothing much more exciting than that for a quilter!  Way to go fabric.com.  You made this lady very happy today.

Cheyenne’s Quilt


Just a few months ago, I posted about a pillow I made for a friend who had lost a baby around 16 weeks.  Another friend was pregnant and due around the same time as the first friend (we all go to church together and know each other well).  As her due date approached, everything was […]

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LOTS of changing pads


When I had my second baby, I made myself a changing pad.  It took a lot of time because I made up the pattern as I went along.  My sister-in-law, Beth, saw it and wanted one for her pregnant sister-in-law, so I made a second.  More recently, Beth became pregnant, and the above changing pad […]

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A Pillow for Amy


My friend recently had a second trimester miscarriage.  The baby had a genetic disorder, and my poor friend and her husband knew for a while before they lost the baby that the pregnancy most likely would end in the first or second trimester.  I can’t imagine how painful it is for them, but they’ve handled […]

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Jodi’s Quilt


I finally have a new finish to share!  My good friend Jodi had a birthday today, and I’ve been working on this quilt all week as my gift to her.  It was a down-to-the-wire finish.  In fact, it came out of the dryer slightly damp, so I had to wait until the afternoon to take […]

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Modern She Made Swap Package


  This swap was all about hexagons—WAY out of my comfort zone!  For whatever reason, I never jumped on the hexie trend.  I had seen a little English Paper Piecing with hexies at a quilt shop, but I didn’t see the process start to finish and didn’t think I’d have the patience, so I just […]

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Potholders—Handmade Teacher Gifts


My son recently moved up to the next age group in his Bible class at church.  I always try to give a goodbye gift to my kids’ teachers when they leave their class.  It takes so much effort to plan and teach classes at church, and I’m so grateful for their efforts throughout the year! […]

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Quick Baby Boy Quilt


Whenever I need a quick baby quilt pattern, I almost always turn to Oh Fransson’s charm squares tutorial.  It’s a good way to use up scraps or charm packs, and it’s fast and easy.  It’s also pretty universally appealing.  It’s easy to switch out colors and fabrics to suit a particular person’s taste. I’ve had […]

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Baby Girl Monogram Quilt


I found these quilts on the Riley Blake website a few months back and have been itching to find a time to use the tutorial.  The hard part about this quilt is knowing the baby’s name before a baby shower.  I tend to give my quilts in advance of the birth—never good to take a […]

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A Straight Line Quilting Disaster


  I posted recently about the baby quilt I made for my nephew and how I ended up having to rip out the entire baby quilt’s worth of organic straight line quilting—not fun, in case you were wondering. I had a really hard time deciding how to quilt this because it’s all straight lines and […]

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