a 65th anniversary cake


June 20th was my grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary.  We had to have a party, of course, because 65 years is quite an accomplishment.  Not only is it rare these days for couples to stay married that long, but when you get past 50 years, both people sometimes just don’t live that long.

Anyhow, we had a pitch-in (or potluck for those in other regions) party in the evening held outside.  The weather cooperated fairly well.  We’re having a drought in Indiana, and there was a 20% chance of rain that day.  So, we chanced it and went ahead and set all the tables up with plastic tablecloths.  All of a sudden, the thunder started up, and it began to totally pour.  It didn’t last long, but everything really got soaked.  Luckily, everything was plastic except for the cake tablecloth, so we just left everything and then went out to dry things off when it was over.  The sun took care of the rest, and by party time, everything was great.


My mom and I made a cake for the occasion.  I love doing cakes with my mom—she bakes the cakes, makes the icing, and I get to decorate.  I’m faster at decorating than my mom because of my work in the bakery, so it works well that way when we do it together.  I always feel like I get to do the fun part without all the other work!

My grandmother wanted pink flowers on the cake, and we had to choose a more traditional design that would appeal to an older lady, so the style isn’t something I’d choose myself, but it turned out nicely, and my grandma loved it.  We already had it decorated but had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for the topper, and I found these little pearls in the wedding/floral department.  I think they really sparked things up.  The cake stand also came from Hobby Lobby.  I’ve used it so often, and I just love it.  It’s sturdy, easy to carry, and it makes any cake look a bit more elegant.


I also designed the invitations for the party with My Digital Studio from Stampin’ Up!  It was a very simple design and took me about ten minutes for the entire thing:

carmichael anniversary-001

I always love looking at the wedding pictures of older couples I know now.  After all these years, my grandparents still hold hands and kiss each other goodnight and goodbye.  I hope, if I’m lucky enough to live as long as they have, that I’m still as happy with my husband as they are with each other. 



  1. Beautiful! (I actually was wondering this morning if you were able to get the website set up on your visit! Glad to see it working so nicely for you!)

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