Stamps and Accessories Sale

***UPDATED 7/26 at 9:20 pm***

While cleaning out a closet for our garage sale, I finally found the last box of stamps that I had been looking for.  I even looked in this closet before I listed the last bunch, but I just didn’t look far enough back.  Anyhow, these are all new since last time.  I’ve priced them a bit lower, and I went back and discounted the ones from the last round that didn’t sell, so if you were thinking about something from last time, it’s now cheaper!  All of the previously listed items are at the bottom, separate from the items I’m listing this time.

Everything will work the same as last time—either comment here or email me to claim something.  If you’re from Columbus, I don’t have plans to visit soon, but I always see my parents at least once a month, and if it goes longer than a couple of weeks, I’ll meet my mom in Indy to drop off your stuff.  Just know that it won’t be as fast of a turnaround as last time.  You can just give my mom a check/cash whenever she brings your stuff to you.  I’ll also try to email you when I know a delivery date.

Thank you!!


Cute by the Inch  (Brand New)  $8


Party Punch (Brand New) fits label and tab punches $5


Autumn set with 2 new packs of skeleton leaves  $7


Merry  $6


Headline Alphabet  $7


More Great Greetings $12

Bold Butterfly (two step stamping) $8


Tag Time  $10


A Greeting for All Reasons $6


A is for Adorable  $6


Painted Posies (two step stamping)  $4


Sweet of You  $6


Along the Same Lines  $5


Year-Round Cheer $5


Simple Sayings  $5


Watercolor Minis (two step stamping)  $4


Alphabet Soup  $4


Spring Party $7


Made from Scratch $3.50


Little Shapes  $2


Itty bitty borders $2.50


Simple Somethings  $3.50



I’m reducing my collection of retired stamps and accessories and have decided to first offer them to customers and friends before listing them on ebay or putting them in our upcoming garage sale.  Stamp and accessory prices are based on current ebay selling prices (minus the shipping, of course).  This is easier for everyone—I don’t have to mess with listing and shipping items, and you get a cheaper price without shipping costs.  If you do want stamps mailed, I can do that, and you’ll pay the actual shipping price for me to send.  Otherwise, I can hand deliver to most of you.

I’ve tried to take decent pictures (except I forgot to put a ruler in for size accuracy—sorry!), but if you would like to see more details, just google the name of the set along with “Stampin Up,” and you’ll be able to find many more images.  I’m also including a brief description of the set condition.  Some have been barely used, and some are quite stained, but both work equally well, an none are damaged other than some staining, which does not effect their usage.  Please note that about half of the plastic boxes have my last name in permanent marker, and a couple of stamps do as well.  All boxes are labeled with the name of the set, but a few are labeled with a label maker and not the original SU sticker.

If you’re local and would like to look in person, just let me know.  Sometimes that’s much easier!  This is a very long post, so I’m sorry if it’s not user friendly.  If there are any questions, please let me know by email or in the comments section at the bottom.

If more than one person wants an item, it will go to the first person to claim it (email and comments here have a time/date stamp, so that will determine who’s first).  You can claim it by either leaving a comment here at the end of the post (make sure I have at least a first name somewhere in the comment) or by emailing me.  I will try to update this post as often as possible and remove items from the lists as they’re claimed.  I’ll bring your items to you as soon as possible, and for those in Columbus, IN, I’ll be coming down this weekend and can bring items then.  Thanks everyone!


Sweet Shapes  $14  $8


Bunch O’ Bugs (stained rubber) $6  $5


A Little Love (all unused but 1 stamp, each stamp is about an inch square) $7  $5


Very Punny  (only a couple used)  $6  $5


Monogram & (Background size stamp, approx. 5”x6” size block  $6  $3


Monogram H (Background size stamp, approx. 5”x6” size block  $5  $3


Sketch an Event (each block about 1.5” square)  $6 $4


Full Calendar (month names) & Mark the Date—I’m selling these as a set because they coordinate to make a calendar or for use on a card for save the date, etc.  You can’t see the month names well because they’re double mounted, but they fit on top of the larger calendar stamp (about 3.5” square) and are in the same font as the words in the Mark the Date set.   Both are mounted but never used.  $16  $9  for the set.


New Beginnings $9  $5


Doodle Alphabet, lightly used $13  $8


Expressive Flexible Phrases  (Double mounted—I made an index for myself and numbered each stamp so they’re easy to keep in order and find the one you want—28 blocks, 56 stamps)  $16  $10expressive-flexible-phrases


Amazing to Zany (Double mounted—I made an index for myself and numbered each stamp so they’re easy to keep in order and find the one you want—28 blocks, 56 stamps) $15  $10


  amazing to zany

Define Your Life (Double Mounted, some rubber staining) $18  $12


Big Flowers & Little Flowers (coordinating sets) $15 for set  $2 Little Flowers, $5 Big Flowers


Lovely Labels  (coordinates with SU’s circle punches) $5  $3


It’s All Good (Coordinates with SU’s circle and square punches) $6  $3


Lots of Thoughts (Brand New, blocks 1.5” square) $7  $4


Think Big (Brand New, “big” stamp is about 3” x 3.5”) $12  $8


Think Happy Thoughts (Coordinates with SU’s circle punches) $7  $5


Many Happy Returns  (Brand New) $8  $5


All in the Family & Family Accessories  (both brand new) $23  $15  for the set


Big Pieces (a couple of blocks have stains on the wood, coordinates with SU’s circle punches, each block about 1.5” or 2” square) $9   $5


Bold Blossom Greetings (brand new) $3


Delight in Life $4



Glass Beads and microbeads in coordinating colors—these are meant to be used with SU’s Sticky Cuts or any other adhesive paper.  The bigger beads are basically seed beads, so they can be strung on wire or string as well. $4 $1  each color set.  Choose either Blue Mix, Red Mix, or Silver Mix


Pretties Kit, 1 hatpin used—has beads, pearls, dyeable flowers, hatpins, etc. $8  $5


Daisy Field Wheel  $3  $2




CRAFT PADS $1 each —sage shadow, regal rose (2 available), almost amethyst, so saffron, pretty in pink, certainly celery, pale plum, real red, basic black, rose red


Kaleidacolor in Berry Blaze $2          Twighlight metallic pad (pinks & purples, not pictured) new in package  $2


Stampin’ Journalers (markers with archival ink for scrapbooking), 75 cents 50 cents each:  sage shadow, pixie pink

Chipboard, on board accents, new in package, $3  $2


Boxes & Tags mini book kit  $1.50  $1  —new in package, neutral colored (back is pictured to better see what’s included)



House Mouse Stamps, two have stained rubber.  Larger ones about 3.5” x 4” or slightly bigger, small one is 2.5”  3.5”.  $3 $2 each, large one with fan $4 $3.


Paper edging scissors $1 50 cents



  1. Sandra Fisher says:

    I want to buy: Various stamp pads $5.00 for set, Yo Yo Yellow CS, stamp pad & refill $3.00, 12×12 cardstock Various colors $1.00, Pink Passion $3.oo full set , Pixie Pink $3.00 full set $3.00, sage shadow cardstock $3.00 full set. I am in a hurry this morning or I would buy more. I will check back later when I have more time and see if anything is left to buy.

    • I have all that pulled aside for you– thanks! So far it comes to $18, but I can update it if you want something else later.

  2. Lea Anne Babcock says:

    I would love to have all of the buttons and brads for $1.50 each.

    • I’ll bag that up for you– is there anyone from Lafayette you’ll be seeing sometime soon? Maybe we can use someone as a delivery person. :)

      By the way– Tammie told me about Jim & Dorothy’s car accident. I’m glad they seem to be doing well. We’re keeping them in our prayers.

  3. Gail Povaleri says:

    Tara……..changed my mind now that i see the paper too. I want the Embrace Life set also.

  4. Lea Anne Babcock says:

    I would also use the Spring Pictograms for $4

  5. Sue Anne Lee says:

    Hi Tara,
    This is Sue Anne from Columbus I work at the Courthouse good friends with Debbie Clark.
    It is Tuesday 7-17-12
    I would like to see if these are still available.
    Friend to Friend $8.00
    Loads of Love $15.00
    Heard from the Heart $9.00

    • They’re all still available, so I’ll bag those up, and it comes to $32. If you want, my mom can bring this to you on Monday, and you can either mail me a check or just give it to her to save you postage. Thanks!

  6. Debbie Whitsitt says:

    I would like the following Stamp Sets, if you still have them:

    Stem Sayings
    Flight of the Butterfly

    I would also like any 12×12 cardstock that you have left.
    I am also interested in the paper trimmer. I assume you can still buy replacement blades for it?

    Are you in Columbus? If so, I should be seeing people from Columbus at DOV Camp next week. Could you send the stuff with them. I can either give them a check or I can mail it to you, unless you take Paypal.

    Thanks a lot for doing this. It was so fun to go “shopping” this afternoon without leaving my house!


  7. Cindy Yeater says:

    I would be interested in the Simple Sayings stamp set and the paper crimper. I can get them Sunday if you are in town. Thanks, Cindy

  8. Tammie Johnson says:

    I’ll take the Frosty Stamps (8), Happy Harmony Stamps (6), natural linen scrapbook album (4), and the rub ons (1.50). If they are stil l available. Thanks!

  9. Sue Anne Lee says:

    Good Morning, 8:33 a.m. 7-26-12
    This is Sue Anne AGAIN!!!! LOL
    Craft Refills pink passion, pretty in pink, bashful blue .25 each
    Kiwi Kiss paper, pad $2.50
    Dusty Durango paper & pad $3.50
    Real Rusty full pack paper, pad & marker $3.00
    Pixie Pink paper, pad&marker $3.00
    Pink Passion paper, pad &marker 3.00
    Pale Plum paper, pad & marker 2.00
    Almost Amethsyt paper, pad & marker 2.50
    Sweet Little Sentiments stamp set $3.00
    Happy Harmony stamp set $5.00
    snow flake punches $2.50

  10. Gail Povaleri says:

    I will take the Christmas Tree.
    I will have time later to mess with it!!
    Love, mom

    • Oh, good! Now I can still use it sometime if I want to. We could even work on it together sometime. Also, since you have the Big Shot now, we won’t have to try to make adjustments to use it in the cuttlebug. It takes the long cutting pads, and those only go through the Big Shot.

  11. Deb MacDonald says:

    I would like to purchase the Pretties Kit for $5, Please!

  12. I would like to purchase the Pretties Kit for $5 please!
    Thank you!!

  13. Do you still have the bold blossom greetings for $3.00, if so I would like to buy it. thanks

    • I don’t. I should probably delete that post. Most of my things either sold or went into storage for a yard sale this spring. I’m pretty sure that one sold, though. Sorry!

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