July Bee Blocks

I’m quite a bit late this month with the bee blocks.  My husband had a two week vacation, and while I love having him home, it definitely throws me off my routine, so I didn’t get much sewing done this month at all.

We Bee Learning


She wanted black, white, and purple.  This isn’t my favorite style of block, but hopefully she likes it.

Stash Bee


I absolutely love this block.  I think the quilt will be beautiful when it’s done.  She wanted a couple of selvages in each block, and for some reason I’m really a fan of selvage pieces that people are making.  I’m sure selvage sewing is probably just a fad, but I find it really fun.  I’m saving up all of mine for a quilt myself.  This block took quite a while to make, so I doubt I’d do one like this all by myself, but I think it will be really unique when she sews everything together.

The 99 Bee


I really love these blocks, too, as well as the fabric.  I still haven’t decided what fabrics I want to use when it’s my month (January).  I do love the Amy Butler as well as this design, though.  I haven’t bought much Amy Butler ever, but I may decide to go with that for my bee quilt.  The nice thing about this bee is that people began sending enough fabric for two blocks with the option of only making one and sending the leftover fabric back.  I always make the two for people, and I hope they’ll do it for me, too.  If so, that means I’ll have 24 blocks—definitely enough for a queen size, which means I could make a bed quilt—like I need another one of those!


  1. How are you doing mama?? I hopped over here to see if there was updates of baby and stuff. I’m glad to see you are sewing!

    Let me know if you need anything!


    • I’m doing well– 6 weeks left. :) I’ve finished most of the sewing stuff for the new baby. I need to post a picture of his finished quilt. I’m stuck for now until we get the baby room drywalled/mudded and ready to paint– probably another 2-3 weeks. We’re cutting things a little close this time. Thanks for stopping by!

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