Bennett’s Quilt


I’ve had this quilt finished for a few months now but haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of it.  It matches the other bedding I’ve already posted about here.  Once his room is finished, I’ll post more pictures of everything all together.   My husband is sanding the wood floor in the baby room as I type, and it looks like we should have the floor finished within a couple of days.  That’s the last major step, so once the finish cures for a day or two, we should be able to start moving furniture in, hanging curtains and pictures, etc.  It will definitely be nice to have things more together than they have been.  We’re really cutting it close on this one—my due date is two days away.  However, with my luck, the baby will go late (ugh), and we’ll have things ready and waiting.  At this point, I don’t even care what’s finished and what’s not.  I just want this baby OUT!


Onto the quilt—I chose a chain-link type pattern.  There are several patterns for sale, and the one that I followed most closely for mine was from Cluck Cluck Sew and can be found here.  I did not buy the pattern because I wanted to make several changes to it for size and visual reasons, so I thought it would kind of be pointless since I wouldn’t be following the actual pattern anyway.  I first saw this type of design in a very different quilt on flickr, which led to some googling, and this quilt was born.


For the back, I had hoped to be able to make it work with just one width of fabric across the quilt, but it turned out to not be quite enough, so I added the polka dot scrap strips down the middles.  I like the look, though, so it probably worked out for the best anyway.


For the quilting, I again went out of my stippling comfort zone and did right angles intersecting each other in box shapes.  I thought this mimicked the quilt top better, and I’m very happy with how they turned out.  However, since I don’t have the skill to do right angles (and keep them straight!) with the free motion foot, I had to use the walking foot, which involved LOTS of turning, which was soooo not fun.  However, I’m happy I suffered through it because I love the end result.  Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to do that with the free motion foot, which would make things a lot easier.


I bound the quilt in a gray matching print, and I haven’t added the label yet.  I think I’d like to make one with his name and birth information on it, so I’ll just sew that on later.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Great quilt!

  2. Kristy Ruaben says:

    I would love to see the finished baby room. I saw your bumper and cribskirt on the old page. I am just in the process of designing my own backyard baby nursery and am loving what you did so far.

    • Thanks! I actually have all of the bedding finished, but not the nursery…I suppose I shouldn’t wait for that to happen, or it might not get posted for a year, knowing us!

      I just love the fabric design, but I have had trouble finding other wall decor/pictures to go with it. There’s not much out there in bugs except for ladybugs. Have you had any luck with that?

  3. Hi, we plan to feature this quilt at QuiltStory on January 23. Come by and grabbed a feature button from our site. The quilt is great and gorgeous! Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to contact you but by comment. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

  4. I just saw your quilt on pinterest and I am in love! I would love to know what solid you used?

    • I used a Michael Miller couture solid. I think it was called aqua– I’m about 90% sure of that, but it’s been a while. It doesn’t match the backyard baby line exactly, but it’s very close, and it looks good in the end result. The fabric is very nice for a solid– softer than kona.

  5. I love the colors on this one!


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