Halloween Treats

This is a little late, but I wanted  to post about the treat bags I made for our adoptive college students at church.  I found these Halloween buckets at Goodwill a while back and bought one for each student.  I then filled them with some homemade goodies, a few little random things, and some zipper pouches I made a couple of months ago.


I found the monogram patches at Old Navy for around 50 cents, and I found matching keychains on clearance as well.   They just happened to have the right monograms for our students, so I picked them up.  They also matched this crazy fabric I had on my shelf that I had been wondering what I would ever use it for.  Although bright, I think they turned out pretty cute.


The inside of the pouches have a pocket.  They would work well as a cosmetic bag, but they’re just a simple design.  I also put one of my tags inside.  This is a new thing for me, but I really like the way it makes hand sewn items look.  It makes them looked finished and adds a little extra spark.  I made them on my inkjet printer following this method.  They turned out well, but I still think I’m going to spring for some woven labels on etsy one of these days.  This is a nice way to try out different designs, though.


I also made these cute little Halloween cards.  I have to say, I know they’re just a trend, but I love the owls!


  1. Cute! I love how you put the Stitch Fancy tags on the bags.

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