October Bee Blocks

Because I had a baby in October, my bee blocks got pushed a little late.  I got the first one done before the baby because she was really on the ball about posting her pattern, but I the other two were a little later about posting their requests, so I didn’t finish those until the first of November.  Honestly, I’m quite proud of myself for getting them finished even that quickly!

We Bee Learning


This is a big block, finishing at 18 inches.  She asked for all green fabrics with white sashing strips.  It’s a really nice block pattern for an easy and fast quilt.  I might use this for a larger quilt sometime.  It’s also good for showing off larger prints that you don’t want to cut up into tiny pieces.  This is going into a quilt for a college-age guy who loves the color green.  I think it’s nice and manly.

Stash Bee


These don’t look like much on their own, but the hostess is making a bookshelf quilt, so they’re supposed to be books on a shelf, and she’ll turn them all sorts of different ways.  Some ladies made fancy blocks with teacups, clocks, etc. appliqued on to show other things sitting on bookshelves.  Because I was in a time crunch with the baby, I took the easy way out and just made the books. 

99 Bee


This is a variation on a geese block from the 99 book.  I like the text fabric she sent as well as the color combinations.  My month is January (the last month of this bee), and while I have yet to choose a block, I’m planning to go with a gray background.  I didn’t jump on the gray bandwagon from the beginning, but the more I see it, the more I like it.  In fact, I’m working on my first gray quilt at the moment.  It’s a baby quilt, and since it’s so small, I hope to be posting about it soon.


  1. I love the bottom one – I especially love the color combination! That purple and grey is beautiful! If I weren’t trying to avoid grey I would have considered that in my craft room/office. In these bees, do people send you the fabric or just give you guidelines and you pick out your own fabric? All the squares wouldn’t be matching, but I guess that’s in style these days.

    • In some bees they send you the fabric (like the 99 modern blocks bee), and in some you just use what you have, and they tell you the colors (stash bee and we bee learning). I’ve found that they both work. You get exactly what you want when you send fabric, but then you have the huge cost of sending 12 envelopes of fabric out (probably $35, and I would much rather spend that on fabric!). In the others you save the postage cost, but sometimes the colors aren’t quite right, or you don’t like the print. I’ve run into that where in the We Bee Learning one, some of the ladies have a very country style, so even if you tell them modern and bright, they really don’t have any of those fabrics, so you get something other than what you might choose yourself.

      It has been a learning experience this year. I think I’m going to just do the monthly swap types from now on. The bees are a long term commitment, and when something happens like I have a baby or I get super morning sickness, it’s hard to keep up. I actually had more trouble wiht the morning sickness than the actual baby!

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