2 Months




It definitely does not seem like I’ve had this little guy for two months already.  Things are mostly back to normal (hormones have run their course, I think!), and it’s starting to seem like he’s always been around.  He’s growing like a weed—much faster than his older brother did at this age.  I think he’s already two pounds ahead of where Damon was at 2 months.  Maybe we have a football player on our hands—it could happen.  His dad is 6’3”, I’m not little for a woman, and my dad is 6’7”, and my mother in law is almost 6 feet tall as well.  So, I’m interested to see what happens to both my boys once they hit adolescence.  We could be buying new pants every other week.  He really doesn’t look that much different from the first month picture, though, so maybe it’s all in my head.



I took lots of shots in his 2 month onesie so I’ll have plenty to choose from later when I’m making a big photo collage.  I have a onesie all the way up to 12 months, and when I have all the pictures, I’ll make one big print for his room.


He fell over a little partway through, and it looks like he’s cuddling the bear.  I just love this bear that my friend made from his bedding scraps.


And some outtakes, of course—there are more, but he was certainly favoring the eyes-wide-open look this morning!


  1. What a cutie! Love it! His eyes are so big.

    • I just love the onesies. I never would have made them for myself (never done the iron on printable thing before– probably not too hard once you do it, but I wouldn’t have taken the time to figure it out), but I love how the pictures are turning out and that I’ll be able to make a big print collage thing when it’s all over. This was an awesome gift, and it’s good for a second-time mom since it’s not something that’s a necessary item that she’d already have from the first. I think I’m going to file it away myself for a future gift for someone.

      Did you use printables from someone else or make them yourself?

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