Another Scrappy Pillow


After the last scrappy pillow for Molly, I was so in love with making pillow covers that I decided to make a second one as a Christmas gift.  This is for Chelsea, a sweet teenager (14 or 15, I think) that we know from church.  She’s the daughter of one of my good friends, and she’s so nice about helping with our kids at church that I wanted to do something nice for her at Christmas.  Her room is bright pink and blue, so I added a few blues in with the fabrics I used for Molly’s pillow.

After the last pillow, this project was a breeze because I already had a bunch of 3.5” strips cut, so I just had to cut off a square and move along.  I hand-embroidered the name just like last time, and I think I’m getting better at writing the name on because it only took me one try this time (as opposed to four with Molly’s pillow, waiting for the water to dry after washing out the water-soluble ink each time).


For the back I used a hot pink zebra print.  She loves zebra print, and I think it makes the pillow more appropriate for a teenager, too.  The ten-year-old I babysit LOVED the zebra print, so maybe it’s just a girl thing in general.  After all, I bought it just because I liked it and without any clue what to do with it.


I love that this gift spans so many ages.  I made the first for a three-year-old and this one for a teenager.  I like the personalization for young girls, but it could probably even be tweaked a bit for older girls/women, too… or perhaps a monogrammed one for a wedding gift.  You could do the monogram of the new couple!  I may also have a new go-to bridal shower gift!

The only detraction to the pillow is that pillow forms, I found, are quite expensive, at least at Joann’s.  Even the cheapest one with a coupon would have been $10, but most were around $15-$20.  However, I noticed that the bag of stuffing was $2.50 on sale, so I bought that and made my own pillow form.  It only added about 15 minutes to the process anyway.That is probably the route I’ll go from now on as well.  Now I’m kicking myself for returning that extra bag of stuffing I bought on black Friday.  I’ve also thought about buying ugly clearance pillows in stores and just tossing the covers.  I’ve done that at TJ Maxx and gotten down toss pillows for less than $5.  I’ll just have to start keeping an eye out for pillows while shopping.


  1. Oh, oh, I do love a scrappy + embroidered pillow cover! Yours are particularly fine specimens. The names are embroidered just so! A gift that’s sure to make someone happy.

    • If you have an Ikea near you, their pillow forms are $3.99ish, and I’ve found them perfectly serviceable. But I’m lucky to live near one, in Greater Boston.

      • Thank you!! Our nearest ikea is two hours away in Chicago, but we’re planning to go to one on Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to check them out and maybe stock up on a few. I noticed the Joann’s ones are going on big sale around New Year’s, but I think the Ikea price will still be cheaper– what perfect timing for your tip!

        It would be nice to use a purchased pillow form in the future– less work for one, but for this pillow, I made it out of pale pink fabric. It was for a girl, and I had it on hand, so I didn’t worry too much, but it certainly wouldn’t work for every gift!

  2. Kathleen L says:

    Love your pillow! I find down pillow forms so much nicer than the polyfil, so what I do is scout Goodwill for pillows with down forms in them. I won’t pay more than 3.99 (usually 1.99 or 2.99). Then I toss the cover, wash in hot water with a little bleach, and dry in dryer with a couple tennis balls. They take awhile to dry but I just think the down is so much nicer than the alternatives.

    • I agree– I love down pillow forms! I bought a couple like that at TJ Maxx on clearance and then threw away the covers. I’m a goodwill shopper, too, so I’ll keep my eye out.

      For some reason the last couch we bought came with about a dozen pillows, and since we’re getting rid of that couch, I’m keeping all the down pillow forms it came with. I’m planning to use those for a window seat in our sunroom, though, so I don’t really want to give those away as gifts. Love the goodwill idea, though!

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