Works in Progress


Now that I’ve had a break from the frenzied Christmas sewing (which I actually did enjoy, but I still need a break once in a while!), I’m able to pick up some projects with no deadlines again.  One of these projects is this gray chevron baby quilt.  I loved the yellow fabric for the back but only had a yard and a half, so that meant I had to make it a baby quilt.  However, I love it, so if I stumble across a good yellow backing fabric again, I’m going to get enough for at least a good lap-size couch quilt.  I decided to hand quilt this because I can use colored crochet thread for a nice pop of color that makes the stitching stand out and adds a bit of interest to the rather plain front.


I finished quilting yesterday (I only had a few rows left) and have started trimming today.  Hopefully I’ll finish binding this week.  I think I’m going to use the same yellow fabric for the binding.  I have just about the right amount left for that, hopefully—I’ll need to measure to be sure!  I wanted to round the corners, but that would mean a bias binding, and I’m not sure there’s enough fabric for that, so I may have to leave it squared off.


Below is my other stack of items waiting for attention.  These are just plain fabric baby blankets.  The owl one is backed with a bright blue minky, and the others are backed with a striped blue flannel.  All they need is a simple crochet edging.  I’m trying to find a good boy-friendly crochet edge pattern, but those are hard to come by as most are very lacy.  I plan to use the owl blanket for my own little boy, and I’ll either sell the others or give them as gifts.


One of my major goals this year is to open up an etsy shop.  Well, technically my shop is already open, but there has never actually been anything in it, so my goal is to fill it up with stuff.  I do have a few things laying around already.  It’s the photography part that has me scared.  It seems like etsy listings have the most beautiful pictures, and I’m just not sure I can get pictures that are good enough, but eventually I’ll give it a try.


  1. Love your chevron quilt, beautiful!!

  2. I love the gray, white and yellow quilt. I love your projects and color choices!

    • Thanks, that’s so sweet. I’m loving yellow/gray as well…for now. I’m wondering how long that color combo will be popular. I fought against it for so long, but we’re redecorating our bedroom, soon, and I just bought a gray patterned comforter. :) So, hopefully I don’t get sick of that color anytime soon!

  3. LOVe the grey and white chevron, that is on my “to-do” list of quilts to make. I am making my daughter a pink and grey chevron right now.

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