Yellow and Gray Chevron Baby Quilt


You may remember that I posted Wednesday about working on this gray and yellow chevron quilt.  Well, it’s now finished, and I just love it.  I only had enough of the yellow backing for a baby quilt, but I’m hoping I can find something similar in the future so I can make a nice lap-size quilt for our sunroom.  Since I don’t have any baby girls to give this to, it’s going on etsy whenever I get the nerve (and the time!) to start listing some items.  I think it’s a little too girly for my boys since it has that flowery background, or I would be sorely tempted to keep this.


I also don’t yet have anything in the trendy gray/yellow color combination, and now that I’ve decided I like it (I fought against it for a while), I’m itching to have something like this while I’m still so in love with the trend.


I measured carefully and found that I did, in fact, have enough leftover yellow fabric for a bias binding, so I went with curved corners instead of squared ones.  I thought that would contrast nicely with the sharp chevron points.  The back is nice and swirly, so it echoes that, and it makes the whole quilt have a bit of a softer look.


I love how the hand-quilting makes such a nice soft quilt.  While machine quilting is much faster and probably quite a bit sturdier, hand quilting can’t be beat for a soft cuddly sleeping quilt.  I used yellow crochet thread for the stitches, and it shows up nicely on the front to bring a little color to the gray and white pattern.  It mostly blends in on the back, which is also good since the back has such a vibrant pattern to it.  While I do hope this sells, part of me will be sad to see it go if it does.



  1. It’s a very nice quilt. I love hand quilting too because of the texture it adds. I think people treasure it more too because you’ve taken the extra time to do it by hand.

    • I always like hand quilting better because I know how much more effort goes into it, but I never get very creative with it– mostly just straight lines. Some ladies do beautiful designs with it, though.

      I also love the new trend to use perle cotton instead of just the plain white thin thread. I think it makes the handwork stand out so much better.

  2. Oh that is really awesome! Good job!

  3. I think the hand quilting looks great and if it feels great then even better! Love the yellow fabric and contrast of the tellow thread on the gray. I’m sure someone will love to get this quilt! Beautiful :)

  4. What size did you make your binding?

    • Tara Hines says:

      I always cut my binding 2.5″ wide. I believe standard for quilt shows is 2.25″, but I like having the 2.5″ strips for scraps, and I like the look of the slightly wider binding, so for me the bigger size works best.

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