Ruffled Sewing Case


I did a bit of sewing for myself (unusual lately) and made myself a medium-sized sewing case to hold my cross stitch projects.  I had been storing ongoing projects in a small open-top tote bag.  They weren’t fully in the bag, and the bag was open to dust and easily spilled if I’ve left it lying around.


I saw this ruffle clutch pattern on the Noodlehead blog.  It’s wallet sized, but I just loved the look of the little clutch, so I decided to enlarge the design so it would accommodate my cross stitch frame.  I also made my mom one for Christmas, and hers is quite large.  The frame she uses is 12”x27”, so I made the case big enough to easily slide the frame in.  My case is about 8”x10”, so it’s much more manageable.

One thing I love about this is that it’s easy to grab and go.  I often want to take hand-work projects with me on car trips or on weekend visits to family so I’ll have something to keep my hands busy, but the tote bag was not easily portable because I had to be so careful about its contents spilling or worry that my work was going to get dirty since the bag was open.  With this, even if things do spill out of their inner pockets, they’re still contained within the bag because of the zipper closure.


I pulled the fabric from my stash—the main print is a Michael Miller fabric with a Moda Christmas stripe from a line released last year.  It matched the turquoise color perfectly, and I really wish I had bought more since it was on the Christmas clearance but is definitely not seasonal on its own, and the color is so good that I’ve already used almost the whole yard this past year on random projects.  Inside I used some coordinating prints as well.


For the interior pockets, I made my own design instead of following the tutorial.  It has two layers of pockets—larger ones in the back for holding bags of floss or patterns and smaller ones in front of that for scissors, pens, and smaller items. 

To add something unique, I also did a little hand stitching on the outside band with black crochet thread.  I still think it needs something on the turquoise band to set things off a bit, but I can’t figure out what that might be—maybe a little fabric flower?  I’m still thinking it over.  However, since I’m already using it, I’m calling this finished!


  1. Kathryn Knox says:

    Hi! Love your website and would like to follow RSS feed. Not very computer literate but do you still have a blog?

    • Thank you– I don’t write at anymore. It’s all moved over to All of hte old content is still here, but some of the pictures look a little funny because of sizing issues in the new website format.

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