Pretty Little Pouch Swap


This year I’ve decided to do more swaps than bees.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, swaps are a shorter term commitment.  If I find myself getting busy, I can take a break from swaps for a while.  However, bees continue every month whether I’m busy or not.  I also love surprises!  Most of the swaps I’ve seen have had secret partners, so you don’t know which project you’ll be receiving—it keeps things exciting.  Furthermore, you get a finished product in the end instead of a block you have to sew into a quilt.  I also love the idea of getting projects I might not make for myself.  Each person’s style shows through their projects, and I tend to get stuck in ruts sometimes or keep doing things the same way.  I also tend to pair the same kinds of fabrics together, so it’s nice to receive a swap from someone else who does things differently.

So, onto the project in progress.  My first swap of the year is a pouch.  There were three categories, and we could pick our level of difficulty.  I chose the advanced level because I wanted a bit of a challenge, and I wanted to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone.  I borrowed a few embroidery books from the library, but I waited until I received my partner info before deciding.  She had a lot of whimsical stuff in her flickr favorites, some gnomes and mushrooms, so I chose this design and already had the Michael Miller mushroom fabric on my shelf.  I had bought it just because I thought it was cute and thought I’d have a hard time using it, but this was the perfect opportunity.


I also had this fairy fabric (top) that came in a scrap bag I bought from a quilt shop.  It’s not my favorite (hard to use), but I thought it fit well with this project.  My partner didn’t say whether she liked it or not, so I’m putting it inside the pouch as a pocket.  That way if it’s not her thing, at least it’s inside and not all that visible.


I finished the embroidery fairly early and just have to do some quilting before sewing it all up together.  It shouldn’t take too long.  I’m hoping to have it finished by Friday so I can send it on its way.  I’m also planning to add some small things inside—maybe a very easy smaller zipper pouch.  So, hopefully I’ll get that made in the next couple of days, too.


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  1. I think the fairy fabric is PERFECT!

  2. Looks great I am sure your partner will love it, I would!

  3. What a fabulous job. Your embroidery is wonderful and that mushroom fabric is adorable with it.

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