Dr. Seuss Minky Quilt in Progress


Back in the fall, my husband found a Dr. Seuss minky quilt kit at a quilt shop while I was browsing the cotton fabrics.  They had a model made and a kit for sale for $80.  The kit included the fabric for  the top of a lap sized quilt (a strip quilt).  It didn’t include backing or binding fabrics.  $80 struck me as kind of high, so I told him I would shop around to see if I could find the fabric cheaper elsewhere.  Back in November, fabric.com had a sale on minky, so I picked up enough minky for a twin sized top, backing, and binding, all for around $60.  Normally I really like to support local quilt shops and smaller businesses, but that price difference was just too much.  Besides, this way I got to design my own top using the Dr. Seuss panel, which I cut into squares.  The kit was just strips of fabric sewn together.

Anyhow, after I got the fabric, my excitement waned a bit in the face of Christmas sewing, and it got pushed to the back of my sewing room.  Recently, however, I’ve drug it back out and begun cutting and sewing.  Let me just say that it will be a LONG time before I work with minky for a whole quilt again.  I think as a backing it wouldn’t be so terribly frustrating, but it’s a real pain to piece with it.  It’s also a real mess:


The fuzz goes EVERYWHERE.  In fact, it’s such a mess, that I plan to do a whole separate post about it (along with some tips on working with minky).


Anyhow, it’s finally all together (if I used swear words, which I try to avoid, I would have been cursing throughout the process), and I’ve begun the quilting.


After each step in the process of making this quilt, I keep telling myself that the worst is over, and the next step will be easier—so far, I’ve been wrong!  Each step provides its own difficulties.  I’m quilting it at the moment, and I’m having trouble keeping my stitch length even because it disappears into the top, and I can’t really tell how long they are.  So, I’m mostly quilting by feel, which is proving quite difficult.  However, I have to remember that this quilt is for my family (as much for my husband as for my boys!), and they don’t care about even stitches—they’ll just notice how snuggly it is, and it’s shaping up to be quite cuddly.

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  1. This looks so warm and snuggly! I just bought fabric today for the backing of my latest baby quilt. Almost went with a minky but picked a fuzzy fleece instead. After reading the tough time you are having with this I am glad I didnt. I am already afraid of the fleece… Can’t wait to read the post about working with minky, I want to try someday.

    • I’ve never used all fleece, but I would think it would be easier. It’s not so slinky, and the stretchy parts were what I had so much trouble with. Several years ago, I did piece a quilt top out of fleece, and it worked fine, but I used cotton for the back. Good luck with yours!

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