Very Easy Baby Blanket


My last baby was born in the spring, so within a short time, we were hardly using blankets at all.  My second baby was born in October, just in time for winter to hit.  Surprisingly, I’ve needed to fill in with a few more blankets.  We have several crocheted/knitted ones as well as some receiving blankets, but what we were really lacking were sturdy fluffy blankets to throw over him in the carseat.


Rather than buy a blanket (not going to happen in this house!), I decided to make one.  I had some soft cuddly white fabric leftover from the scrappy monsters I made my boys for Christmas, and I also had a yard of a cute Little Apples print on my shelf.  I did prewash the red fabric for two reasons.  First, red fabrics are notorious for bleeding, and I wanted to get that out of the way.  Second, I knew cotton would be more likely to shrink than the synthetic white fabric, so I thought it would be a good idea for shrinkage purposes as well.

After that, it literally takes about 15 minutes to make this blanket.  You just cut both fabrics to the same size, place them right sides together, sew around the edge leaving a small opening for turning, and then turn and topstitch around the whole thing.  It’s the easiest blanket I’ve ever made.  So easy, in fact, that it would be a great last minute baby gift.  The only problem is that the fuzzy fabric is a little expensive ($15/yard).  I used a 50% off coupon, but by the time you take a yard of the fuzzy stuff at $7.50 and add it to a yard of designer cotton fabric at $8/yard (if you’re lucky), you’re looking at $$15-$20 for a very simple blanket.  That seems a little steep to me for the simple end result.  I had my fabrics already, so I didn’t worry about that, but it would be a consideration if I planned to mass produce these as gifts or to sell.


Anyhow, my little guy likes it pretty well, so I’m happy!



  1. Tina Short says:

    Love the baby..and the blankie. nice and cozy and as you say, easy to make.
    I know you think its a bit expensive to make but take pity on those of us in the UK, we pay at least twice what you pay for fabric. I try and buy in sales or from the US but your postage has gone up and I had to pay import tax of $20 on the last lot I ordered! It wont stop me quilting tho’. I think my stash might outlive me!!

    • Ouch– that would be expensive! I read about the international rates just went up more than double in some cases. I know what you mean about the stash. I was just looking at mine last night thinking that it would take me years to use it all. I really need to stop buying fabric for a while!

  2. Your quilts are lovely 😀
    What a wee cutie too!

  3. It looks very sweet. Maybe I should make one. Hmmmm…

    • They’re definitely easy! They’re also really nice and soft. My son loves it– he rubs it all over his face and chews on it. :)

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