FAbric Suggestions?

I’ve decided to make a Go Anywhere Bag by Noodlehead to use as a diaper bag.

(Image from Noodlehead blog)

I love all the pockets, and I think it’s big enough to function well as a diaper bag.   If not, I can always use it as a purse, so it’s really a win-win situation.  However, I’m having trouble deciding on the fabric.  I’ve narrowed it down to four choices (all from my stash, I might add!).


The color isn’t great since I took these at night, when I actually had time to pull fabric out.  On each stack, the bottom fabric in the pair would be the fabric used for the outside pockets.  I tried to stick with darker colors on the outside so it wouldn’t show dirt too badly.


Option 1:  Brown, orange/yellow, and pale blue.  I love this fabric, but I’m not sure if it looks to old-ladyish on a purse.


Option 2:  I also love this fabric combo, but I’m not sure if the rainbow print is too loud for a purse I would carry every day.  It might be better suited to a summer purse, but I’m planning to start carrying this immediately.


Option 3:  The color on this photo is bad—the top is orange and cream, and the bottom is a pretty aqua and navy.  At first, this was my favorite.  I think it looks modern and cheerful and like it could be a boy’s diaper bag (though I’m not too concerned that it’s boyish since I’ll be carrying it after all).


Option 4:  This is also really starting to grow on me.  The more I look at it, the better I like it.  The bottom is a navy color, and the top fabric has navy accents, so coordinates well.  I also have plenty of the floral print, so I could also use it for the lining.

Any opinions?  I’d like to carry this potentially through all seasons as a diaper bag, but if I really like it well, I could always make another one with different colors for different seasons.  I think it’s close enough to spring now to not worry about it looking too summery.  Usually I’m pretty decisive when it comes to fabric, but this has me stumped.   Help!


  1. I like #2.

    • Well, I ended up going with the polka dot/chevron…it looks good, but it will barely hold all my diaper bag stuff, and the straps are too skinny to hold much weight, so I will probably retire it until the baby is a bit older and I don’t have to cart around so much stuff. Oh well.

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