Stash Bee February

Stash Bee is the only bee I’m currently participating in.  As it is, it goes until the summer.  Here are my blocks for February:


She requested a wonky star and a wonky log cabin.  I think this will make a really nice quilt.  She says they’re for charity quilts for teenagers.  So, I chose bright happy fabrics.

I must say, I’m quite enjoying my “break” from bees.  I was doing three per month for all of last year, and it got to where I didn’t look forward to it, or I left it until the end of the month and had to make myself do them.  Part of that was being pregnant and not feeling well, but I do think that three was just too many and made me feel a bit overwhelmed.  I also don’t like the stress of a very long term commitment (1 year plus).  I’ve been joining swaps this year and am loving them so far—smaller time frames, so if life starts to interfere, I can just stop joining for a while.  I also like how the swaps are allowing me more creativity—more choice in how I make things, and I get to finish something instead of just sending off a block.  That said, I’m enjoying this bee more now that it’s my only one at the moment.  I hope the lady of the month likes these!

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