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When I first started to make pillows for my swap partner, I went with this cathedral window pattern.  She said she had warm colors with blue accents in her living room.  However, after some of her subsequent comments in other threads, I found her colors were more muted instead of super bright as I had originally thought.  So, I decided to make her a different set of pillows, and this set is going to my partner in another swap.


For these pillows, I used the same concept as the Cluck Cluck Sew Pow Wow quilt pattern that I already had.  However, I changed the sizes significantly so I could get more chevrons in the smaller space of a pillow, so the proportions are different as well.  I framed it with some linen and a little hand quilting.  For the backs, I made an envelope style closure using some text fat quarters that I received in a recent fabric swap.  I’m hoping these colors are more to her taste, but she’s been pretty quiet during the whole swap, so I really have no idea if this is on the right track or not…either way, it’s in the mail, so it’s too late to do anything about it now!


I usually make envelope style closures on the backs of my pillow covers, but I’m honestly starting to reconsider this method.  These 18” pillow covers are stuffed with 20” forms, so they look like they’re bursting on the back, but I think a zipper or even button closure would look nicer.  A zipper closure would be faster and easier than making a bunch of buttonholes, so I might try a zipper closure next time instead of the envelope style.


In addition to a large item, we’re also supposed to send a small item, and for this I made a little sewing bag.  I bought the pattern on Craftsy, and it’s called a “Sew Together Bag.”  The construction is insanely clever—there are three zipper pockets inside, and the outer zipper creates its handles.  It’s a little tricky to sew up the first time, but now that I’ve done it once, I think the next one will be a breeze.  I used linen and some of Moda’s Domestic Bliss fabric.  I love the look on the outside, and I think the hand-stitching really sets it off.  I hope she likes it!  I’m making another one for another swap partner, and then I intend to make one for myself as well.  I originally saw this pattern on the Crazy Mom Quilts blog.  I don’t often buy patterns, especially ones over $10, but I had to have this pattern because I thought it was really cute and very clever—something I couldn’t easily design myself.  After sewing it up, I think it was a good purchase.  I love the result, and some real talent went into the pattern design.



  1. Those pillows (both sets) are incredible! Love love! And that sewing pouch is absolutely adorable. I love the handstitching on all of your items. It really gives it an extra bit of awesome. Lovely!

  2. Love all of those projects. They are wonderful. Your swap partners are going to love them I am sure! Now I must zip over and order that bag pattern because darn it is cute!

  3. The cushions are great gifts. Lovely finishes.

  4. Wonderful pillows! and cute purse. Your swap partners are so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love both sets of your pillows a lot. They definitely go in different directions. I have never actually made a pillow, but after seeing these I think I may add it to my list. The sewing bag has some really interesting features that seem actually very practical. Great Finishes!

  6. I’m sure your swap partners will love all their gifts. The pillows are wonderful, and that little triple zipper pocket is so unique!

  7. Oh oh.. im one of her partners. I would have loved the cathedral windows!! The pillows you sent me are simply amazing and the colors are just right!! I really appreciate the thought and work you put into them. Thank you so much!


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