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We still have a little bit of trim to install in the baby room, but I have a feeling that if I wait to post pictures until it’s completely finished, the baby will no longer be a baby anymore!  So, I’ve decided to go ahead and post pictures of our 85% finished nursery.


When I saw the Backyard Baby line, I absolutely fell in love with it, especially the tree print with the swing and the cute little dog.  I also loved the colors, so I used that fabric as my starting point.  I chose to make the crib sheets out of that print as well as use it on the back of the baby quilt because I think it looks better as a large piece instead of cut up in a quilt top.  After deciding on a quilt design, I moved on to the other details like the bumper and bedskirt.


I made both the bumper and bedskirt fairly simple using charm squares that I cut from yardage.  It looked more interesting to me than using yardage to sew them up—a bit more work, but I love how it looks a little more interesting, especially the bumper.


I also made the curtains.  I would have loved to use solid yardage of the orange snake skin print, but we live in an old Victorian with huge windows, and I would have needed at least twelve yards.  While I would have loved the look, I didn’t want to spend that much on curtains that we would probably change within a few years once he outgrows the baby prints.  So, I used white sheets and trimmed them with the orange print and made a valance.


I wanted something a little darker for the walls, and I tried to have the paint guys color match the darker teal color in the fabric, but the largest bit was a polka dot, and they needed at least an inch square to match it with the computer, so in the end I just chose a paint chip that was as close as I could get.  I ended up loving the color from the minute we rolled it on.  Usually I have to get used to newly painted walls, but this color was just perfect with all the white in the room.


One of my favorite features in the room is the orange spray-painted chandelier.  It came with the house when we bought it, and I think it’s from the 30s or 40s.  It was blue with gold accents, and it used to have really ugly lantern toppers that covered the light bulbs.  I told my husband we weren’t going to use the light fixture, so he proceeded to tear down the ceiling while it was in place.  That broke the ugly lanterns, so at the end when it was time to buy a new light fixture, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try spray painting it (thank you, Pinterest!).  I’m so glad I did—first, it looks fabulous in the room, and second, it only cost about $5 for spray paint.  Since it was so cheap, I sprung for fancy light bulbs.

My other favorite accent is the painting above the changing table.  I saw this picture on Pinterest, and I even used the same saying because I liked it so well.  Mine is on a large canvas instead of a piece of wood as in the original, and I had planned to use a vinyl stencil cut out on my Cricut, but in the end, I thought typing it out and printing poster size, and then hand cutting the letters might be just as easy (or hard!).  It was a little time consuming, but I do pretty well with a paintbrush as long as I have a line to follow, so after I traced the letters in pencil, it wasn’t too bad.  I love how the orange pops in the room, and Bennett still seems mesmerized by it, so it’s a good thing to have over the changing area.


I found a fluffy white rug at a garage sale for $25.  It’s a nice large one, too.  I’d like to have it professionally cleaned before the baby crawls around on it, but even with the cost of cleaning, it was an awesome deal.  I also have a glider in the corner.  This was a Goodwill find from my older son’s room, but we no longer need it in there.  I had this steam cleaned, too, and it looked almost brand new.


As wall decoration I added a few baby pictures.  The picture on the left is my favorite of all his newborn pictures.  I’m so glad we got a good picture of him in his baby quilt.  The room has fairly minimal decoration, but I really like it that way.  It makes it feel larger and cleaner.  I’m sure it will be strewn with toys in a few more months, but for now it’s a very relaxing place to be.


  1. I love, love, love what you’ve done with your nursery! The crib set and quilt you sewed up are fantastic and little Bennett is absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Theresa slagle says:


    • Tara Hines says:

      I don’t. I just made it up, but there are several out there. A similar one is Cluck Cluck Sew’s. I think hers is called chain link, but I could be remembering that name from someone else’s pattern. This is a fairly common style, but different people have different variations.

  3. Gorgeous! I’m working on a Backyard Baby baby quilt right now. Do you recall the white you used (Kona colour, or another brand and colour)? It’s so beautiful!

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