Sew Sew Modern Swap Finished


I’ve finished another Sew Together Bag for a swap partner.  This time I used Comma fabric.  My partner mentioned that she loved this fabric, and I already happened to have a charm pack.  I haven’t been able to buy yardage yet since it wasn’t yet in the shop when I purchased the charm pack, so I decided to make the lining out of charm squares, and it actually worked quite well!  I was nervous at first, but it was really pretty simple.  I think it gives the inside a really cool look, too, since the outside is more simple. 


I used the same basic design for the outside as the last bag I made off this pattern.  I plan to make myself one almost exactly the same, except I plan to use some of my treasured Heather Ross fabrics…can’t wait.  I just have to find a little time to do a bit of sewing for myself.  Luckily, my big swaps are mostly finished, and I don’t have any major sewing commitments on the horizon.  I’m planning to make myself one of these bags and then dive back into a quilt or two since I haven’t really worked on larger quilts since the beginning of the year.  However, my father-in-law just told us that he’s getting remarried this summer, so I’ll probably make them a quilt for a wedding gift.  His fiance really loves quilts, and he’s been dating her for a couple of years now, so I’ve come close to making her one for Christmas already.  However, now that they’re really getting married, it seems more appropriate.  I’m excited to start picking out designs and fabrics that I think she might like.  The planning stage is one of my favorite parts!


But I digress….above are the swap pillows I’m sending.  I’ve posted about them before, so they’re nothing new.  However, this is the final swap package I’ll be mailing off at the end of the month.  I think it’s my favorite swap package to date, so I really hope she likes them!


  1. I really love that bag design with the multiple pockets.

  2. I love the bag! Nice job. I’m a softie for the hand stitching. The inside is so cool.

  3. Oh my goodness I’m loving all your finishes! That bag is fabulous! I recently made my first zipper pouch and I can totally see the usefullness of this one with all those pockets! The pillows are fabulous too! It makes me want to join a swap!

  4. Linda Armenti says:

    Love this, just ordered it and I’m printing now!

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