Wish List Swap Received


One of the items on my wish list for a recent swap was a cover for my Kitchen Aid mixer.  This is no small request as I have one of the 6 quart monsters because I make wedding cakes on occasion.  I even had to raise our upper cabinets so it would fit underneath.  Anyhow, I’ve been loving some of the covers I’ve seen others make, and I’ve always loved the paper-pieced mixers.  So, this is what my partner, Whitney of the Peacock Tree, made for me!

I just love it—the orange polka dot fabric is absolutely perfect, and I love the gray swirls she used as well.  The inside is a super-cute print, and although I’ll probably be the only one to see the inside, it’s a nice little surprise every time I uncover it.


I got some cool extras, too!  Whitney sent an orange scraper, which matches my kitchen, and a recipe book.  She also sent a snickers candy bar, but that didn’t last until I took a picture—oops!

Anyhow, this was an AWESOME swap for me, and I totally lucked out with the package I received.  Thanks, Whitney!


  1. Tara Hines says:

    I love it! Such a cute idea. I always thought of those covers in an old-fashioned style, but it looks great in the modern style.

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