Another Scrappy Pillow


I made yet another scrappy pillow from Crazy Mom Quilts original idea.  The first one I made was for my little cousin, Molly.  I made it last December when she turned three.  Her sister, Olivia, turned one this month, so I decided to make a similar one for her.  Some of the fabrics are different, but I used the same backing fabric and embroidery thread, so if they ever share a room, they will match.

Olivia is too little to really know much about her presents, but Molly grabbed it up and said “My pillow!”  So, now there are two.  I just love making pillows like this.  They’re relatively fast and easy, and the personalization makes them so special.  I also love that they help me use up some scraps in the process.  I have boys, so they probably won’t be invited to too many girls’ birthday parties, but if/when they are, this will be a go-to gift.  I like it much better than going out to buy something plastic, and it’s something that won’t be so easily outgrown as many toys are.


  1. This is so cute and what a fabulous b-day gift idea! I may have to use it in the future.

  2. Lovely colours.

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