Mallory’s Quilt


I finally have another quilt finish for 2013!  I’ve been doing so many swaps lately that actual quilts have been put on the back burner for a while.  This quilt was commissioned by the mother of the little girl I babysit after school during the week.  They’re moving this summer, which means she gets a new room and can choose new colors.  She chose teal and orange, and her mother had her choose the quilt pattern as well as the fabrics.

The pattern comes from a fairly new book, Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe’ target=_blank>Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe , I bought a few months ago.  I really liked several quilts in this book, so I think it was a good investment.  I love how fast and easy this quilt was.  It really was fun to make, and it gives a more complex look even though the blocks were really simple to put together.  They’re a lot like a Bento Box block but a bit more organized.


While we were looking on Pinterest for quilt patterns, Mallory also saw a baby quilt with an appliqued name on it.  She loved it and wanted to know if I could put it on the back.  She wanted the quilt to basically be reversible, so if she did turn it over, the name would be at the foot of her bed.  I think it came out well, though I made a mistake in basting, and then name was significantly off center.  So, I unpinned everything and started over.  Somehow I ironed the name on too far to the right, despite double checking the center—no clue how that happened.  At least it was salvageable, though, because there is no way to get that name off without doing some serious damage.  I just had to cut it super close instead of leaving myself room for shifting when quilting.  Luckily nothing shifted.


I skipped labeling the quilt since she wanted it to be reversible.  If I had those cool little woven labels that can be sewn into a seam, I would have put one of those in the binding, but since I don’t, I settled for putting my initials and the date very small in the quilting in the lower right corner.


For the quilting, Mallory just wanted “squiggly lines.”  She has seen me stipple before and thought the “crazy quilting” was really cool.  It was to stipple again since I’ve been avoiding it since the first of the year in an effort to branch out into new techniques.  This was nice and simple and quilted up in less than two hours.

This quilt is a twin size, and it was my first time pin-basting since the very first quilt I quilted on a machine.  On the first one, I had a few issues with pleating on the backing, but this time I made sure to stretch my fabric with painter’s tape, and it worked quite well, and there are no pleats at all.  However, I must say that I really do prefer spray basting.  It’s SOOOO much easier.  It’s easier and faster to baste, to quilt, and there is much less chance of puckering/pleating as you quilt.  The only drawbacks are that it’s expensive, and of course it puts chemicals on your blanket.  The latter doesn’t bother me too much, though, because I don’t imagine it’s any worse than what’s already on the fabric from the manufacturing processes.

Anyway, pin basting worked this time, but it was a pain to stitch around the pins or stop to pull them out.  I would have sprayed, but I didn’t have it on hand and didn’t want to run to the store.  In the end, it was a good thing since I had to re-baste to center the name.  I could have pulled it apart if I had sprayed, but then I would have wasted a can for nothing.  So, I might use the pin method in the future on small projects, but I doubt it will ever become my preferred method!


  1. Very pretty! Well done!!! It will be well loved!

  2. That’s a really neat design. I love the colors, they really pop and isn’t Mallory so lucky to have her name stitched to the back. I bet she is so proud of that.

  3. I love the appliquéd name, it looks really great.

  4. Looks great! Love the colour palette with the pattern. And the backing is perfect!

  5. Very lovely. I am sure it will be enjoyed for many years.

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