Friday “Finish”

It’s good to be back to blogging after a long absence due to computer issues.  They seem to be fixed and, thankfully, without having to buy a new laptop (yea!).  However, despite my grandest plans for the summer and getting more things accomplished, etc., it just hasn’t happened.  My summer days have seemed to fill up with all kinds of stuff, but not much sewing to speak of.


I have, however, managed to finish the quilt I’m working on for a client—or at least I’m 98% finished.  I still have almost two sides of binding left to go (I’m doing that by hand, so it’s taking some time), but the quilting is finished, so I’m counting it!


The pattern on top is a basic chevron, and I just followed the fabric, quilting in the ditch.  I love the pattern it creates on the back.  My client is hoping for this quilt to be reversible for when her little boy grows up, and I think this definitely fits the bill.  I love the backing fabric she chose.

I’m off now to finish up the binding, wash it, and I hope to be able to take pictures of it tomorrow before it’s shipped to its new home on Monday!


  1. Such a lovely, understated quilt. I’ve had my eye on that fabric that you’ve used as the backing–it looks great here. So soft, and really shows off the chevron quilting.

  2. Beautiful!
    Thanks Tara for all the hard work that went into making this quilt for our son.
    Thank goodness I stumbled across your designs on Pinterest that night!



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