LOTS of changing pads


When I had my second baby, I made myself a changing pad.  It took a lot of time because I made up the pattern as I went along.  My sister-in-law, Beth, saw it and wanted one for her pregnant sister-in-law, so I made a second.  More recently, Beth became pregnant, and the above changing pad is for her.  She really likes neutral colors, and this is a similar style to the baby quilt I made for my new little nephew.  For this cover, though, I used a quilt-as-you-go method.


Around the same time, I also had a double baby shower to attend, and since the grandmother-to-be is also a quilter, I didn’t want to make a quilt as I normally would, so I decided to make changing pads instead.  One was for a girl, and the other for a boy.




The above pad is for my best friend, Laura.  She’s having the girl and wanted to do her nursery with Julie Rothman’s Ride fabrics, but her husband didn’t like it, so she went another direction.  At least she gets to use these sweet little bicycles some other way!



This next one is for a little boy, and the mother liked aqua and orange.  I was hoping this would turn out boyish enough, and I think it could really be gender neutral, but I love the way the QAYG method looks with these changing pads. 




I’ve learned quite a lot about making changing pads after this round.  I made mine a lot thicker and more padded, but they work much better with only one layer of batting.  I’ve also found I prefer oilcloth for the inside instead of the cotton laminate, which is more expensive.  If I make more in the future, I’m sure I’ll get even better (and faster!) at the process.  I really need to make myself some cutting guidelines.  As it is, I just remeasure my own changing pad every time, but that definitely takes some extra time!


  1. Tina Short says:

    Thats great, just right for carrying around. You should really think about doing a tutorial or even sticking the pattern on Craftsy.

  2. The changeing pads are really cute. I would love to see a tutorial for this : )

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