I’ve always been a hobby person.  I’ve tried so many different kinds of crafts from quilting to stained glass to jewelry and metal work (probably my most favorite class EVER in college), and I’m always busy with something.  I even have trouble sleeping at night sometimes because I’m thinking about all the things I want to make and do– anyone else have that problem?

Before I had my baby, I was a teacher– English, Italian, and Spanish at our local community college and at Purdue.  Honestly, everyone told me how crazy busy I’d be once I became a mom, and while sometimes that’s true, I find I have more time now to do the things I love than I ever did before while I was working.  Perhaps they say that because they all have clean houses, and mine is usually dirty….

I’ve always been a creative type, and while I try to be a good mom, wife, friend, and keep up with the housework, I’ve been known to (okay, I OFTEN) let the chores slide a little if I get involved in a project.  Luckily, my husband is pretty understanding.

We live in an 1890s Victorian house that we both love but that has required quite a bit of TLC since we moved in a four years ago.  My husband has turned into a handyman extraordinaire, and I’ve been able to paint and redecorate to my heart’s content.  Maybe in 20 years we’ll be finished with remodeling and restoration, but for now we both always have some project going.  Sometimes it’s quite chaotic at our house, but it’s a fun chaos, and I wouldn’t change it if I could.

You can follow me on Pinterest here or stop by my Etsy shop here, where a lot of the projects on the blog end up.  For now, I’m still not on the wagon with other social media– maybe one day when I find the time!