$1/yard Fabric Extravaganza


Yes, you read that right ONE DOLLAR per yard.  When my local quilt shop sent out a sale email stating that their clearance fabric section was going to be $1/yard, I was either sure I had read the email wrong or that they would only have a few bolts in the clearance section.  I still went, but with suspicion in the back of my mind, trying to restrain my excitement.  Boy was I wrong.  They had HUNDREDS of bolts of fabric on sale!  I had my new baby with me, but I also had the stroller, which I loaded up with at least 20 bolts of fabric.  At that point, I started making a stack on the floor as well.  They had several lines that I loved, including Sugar Pop, which I already had at home in a nice fat quarter bundle.  This was definitely the time to stock up on backing fabric.


The cutting lines were long, but SO worth it.  Most of my bolts I finished off because how can you not at $1/yard?  I couldn’t even go to walmart and buy the transparent fabric for that, and this was top quality quilting cotton.  Most of the other ladies were getting measly 1 yard cuts of less than ten bolts.  I still think they were crazy, but they probably thought the same of me!


All said and done, it took me about an hour and a half to get my fabric cut, and I came home with 142 yards of it.  I still find myself thinking that I should have bought just a bit more.  Still, I probably won’t be able to use what I did buy for several more years at least.  I couldn’t even lift the box.  My husband (who was with the kids in the car) had to lift it for me.  I brought the family because, like I said, I just knew I had read the email wrong, and we could go on with our day once I discovered my error.  He was a great sport about it, though, and they just watched a movie in the van while I happily watched my yardage adding up.  He was also great about me spending the money—not a word about it except to congratulate me on such a great deal.  He does know how much fabric normally costs, though, so he was probably happy at the long-term savings, too!



I’ve been back to the quilt shop once since then, and (blush) they remembered me.  I think I bought more than anyone else that day, which again I find hard to believe.  What quilter wouldn’t be making some serious additions to the stash with prices like that?  Normally a person could spend that much on around 10 yards of fabric  plus a few fat quarters.   One thing that I do love about my $1 fabric is that I’ve noticed I’m a bit freer with myself when using it.  I’m not hoarding it like I usually do.  Now, I’m not wasting it, either, but it’s nice to not feel such pressure to find exactly the right project before I cut into it.  That mentality has also spilled over into other areas.  Just this week I pulled two squares from a layer cake—yes, I broke up a set for just two squares!  It wasn’t even all that painful, and I’m honestly pretty proud of myself.


Since I have so much fabric now, my goal for this next year is to pull mostly from my stash for projects.  I hesitate to vow to “only use from my stash” because I know I’ll need to buy solids at some point, and if there’s a gift or something important that needs just the right print (not to mention another killer sale), I’ll be setting myself up for failure because I know I’ll cave.  However, this gives me a reason to start using up what I bought instead of continuing to buy new.

Fabric Friday: fat quarters

My local quilt shop has “Fat Quarter Friday” every last Friday of the month, and on that day all their fat quarters are $1.50.  You can’t beat that!  The shop will also cut fat quarters from any bolt of fabric they have.  Basically, this means fabric is $6/yard!

I picked up some more of Moda’s Central Park line.  I used up all I had making this quilt that I plan to list on etsy, and I just love the fabric line, so I thought I’d stock up while it’s so cheap. 

I also picked up some FQs of Moda’s Pure Simple line.  I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do with it yet, but I was thinking it would be nice paired with some Essex Linen in a table runner or some placemats.

I bought more Dr. Seuss FQs as well.  Unfortunately, she’s running out of this fabric, so the color variety isn’t the greatest.  I’ll have to supplement with Seuss fabric from another shop.  I’ve had so many compliments on my little boy’s Dr. Seuss quilt that I wanted to have more on hand for a baby gift or even to make a quilt for etsy.

This last bunch of fabric is just something I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  I’m definitely not a fabric snob, and Hobby Lobby has some beautiful fabrics, designer or not.  The quality is pretty decent, too, as far as I can tell.  At this price (about $5/yard), they would make good quilt backs as well.

Bear with me for a brief tangent:  Some people can get so stuck up about “quilt shop” fabric or “designer only,” and I honestly think it’s rather silly.  The chain stores have some good fabrics, too.  I will say that I don’t plan to buy any more Joann’s fat quarters because some of those fabrics are almost transparent, but much of what I’ve bought at the chain stores has held up perfectly well.

All that to say, there are several other fabrics at Hobby Lobby that I plan to pick up in the near future.  The price is right, and although the variety is limited, what they do have is definitely my style.

Fabric Friday

This week I ended up buying quite a lot of fabric (probably over 30 yards– eek!).  On Monday, I received an email from one of my favorite cross-stitch shops in Indianapolis announcing that they were having to close (so sad!) and were having a 40% off sale of everything in the store.  That was too much temptation, so I hopped in the car and drove the hour to see what they had left.  Here’s what I ended up getting:

There wasn’t a ton of stuff left.  I guess there was a big run on the store in the morning, and it was afternoon by the time I got there.  They had a lot of My Big Toe designs left, so I picked up three of those that I didn’t have, a Lavender & Lace bride that I liked and a few other things that looked interesting.  The pattern on the bottom right is for a needle roll, so I might make that as a gift at some point.  I also picked up a 17″ Q-snap frame, which is great for quilting and cross stitch.  I only have one other small Q-snap, so this gives me a good larger option.

Since I was already in Indianapolis, I decided to make a tour of the area quilt shops.  I had bought this Michael Miller print a couple weeks ago:


It’s called “Windy Day,” and I just fell in love with the little dogs and swings.  I’m terrible about buying children’s prints when I don’t necessarily have children’s things I need to make.  I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for a baby quilt as a gift at some point even if I don’t have another little boy.  When I was at the quilt shop on Monday, I found these other fabrics with it that weren’t in last week. They’re all from the same line– “Backyard Baby” by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller.  The little bugs in jars were so cute that I just couldn’t resist, and then I had to buy little bits of the coordinating fabrics, too, of course.  Hopefully some little boys in need of quilts come along in the near future.

I also bought these fabrics just because I loved the colors.  I bought one fat quarter pack of the fabrics on the left and then I bought an extra half yard of the flower print because it was my favorite.  The other prints are by Ty Pennington, and again, I loved the colors.  I don’t have any specific plans for any of this, so into the stash it goes.


So where did the over 30 yards come from?  The $3/yd. clearance rack at the shop in my town.  They’ve been running a clearance sale for most of January, and it will go back up to $5/yd. after this weekend.  So, I decided I should stock up on whatever I wanted needed before the price went back up.  I got lots of fabrics to use for backings, and I cleaned them out of Moda’s Just Wing It line because I love those fabrics, and it’s really hard to pass up $3/yd.  I might make some little girls’ quilts to either give as gifts or sell in my etsy shop.

I plan to use the tree fabric from Just Wing It for the backing on a tree quilt that I’m making from blocks I’m receiving from Stash Bee.  My month is March, so it’s coming up quickly.  I loved the leafy print indigo fabric and thought it would also make a nice quilt back, so I bought the whole bolt.  It had almost 12 yards, so king size here I come!  The snowflake print is Kate Spain’s “Flurry,” and I bought several bits of fabric from that line for a Christmas quilt at some point, and this will make an awesome back.  I felt a little weird buying so much fabric all at once, but it’s tough to buy even a nice plain white muslin backing for $3/yd., so it really was an economical effort– or so I tell myself!  This was quite a fun week for me as far as fabric goes.